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Dysfunctional Breathing Solutions

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“I did a course with Lisa at Breathe Relieve after my chiropractor suggested it may help with my breathing and asthma.  I cannot tell you how extraordinary it was, I feel as if a fog has been lifted and all was as clear as I’ve not seen for some time. I am now off my Ventolin and I am able to exercise more with my resting heart rate now down to 68.  I no longer wake with a dry throat and even my psoriasis has settled down.  Plus, I feel exhilaration not stupefied and tired all the time.  I am still amazed and very happy for the breakthrough.  At 92 I did not think this would work for me, but I am here to tell you it is marvellous and would recommend Lisa and her lovely teaching methods to everybody.”

Kate  92, Kiama NSW



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